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O Clarim: Interview with José Moças

"Macau has changed my life"

Interview Joaquim Magalhães Castro José Moças, for "O Clarim" May 22, 2015, see page 10:11 ( in Portuguese ).


José Moças, editor and producer

«Macau has changed my life»


Born in Estremoz, Alentejo, but still young man left to Portimão where he completed the Primary and General High School Certificate. Lisbon would be the next step, then starting your connection to the music; first, the Portuguese Musical Youth Choir; then the Almanac group, which he founded. He began working as a clerk at the Superior Judicial Council (now the Supreme Judicial Council), being invited in 1986 to the office of the prosecutor in Macau, where he worked for four years.


"I started to dedicate myself to the edition of local discs, thanks to a scholarship offered by the Orient Foundation for the study of Oriental music. This first album, "Voices and Rhythms of the East", it would be considered at Seven newspaper in 1993 one of the hundred best albums released worldwide this year."


"Since I came back from Macau I started collecting Portuguese discs of 78 RPM. This taste for the discovery of our musical roots led me to build the largest collection of this type in Portugal."


Here's the full interview (in Portuguese)

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