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CD / BOOK with 112 illustrated pages, and texts in Portuguese and English

Available on this page A LIMITED EDITION, numbered and AUTOGRAPHED by Júlio Pereira. The text in the booklet is authored by João Luis Oliva. The illustrations are by Pedro Sousa Pereira.

JULIO PEREIRA CAVAQUINHO.PT (numbered and autographed)

20,00 €


7,50 €


BOOK/CD CAVAQUINHO.PT will be on sale on January 20 and will take the form of a Book/CD.
This time, the themes are written by the composer, who invites some voices that he usually work: Uxía, Sara Tavares, Luanda Cozetti, etc.. But this is not just a return to what was already a refresher of a traditional instrument, but rather a new step in the history of the small chordophone that, from Minho, went around to every continent and today it is stated as the protagonist of the song worldwide. Aside from being a standalone product of musical creation, which is sufficient in itself, CAVAQUINHO.PT is a digibook with 112 pages, illustrated and includes a text about the times, places and ways in which it was revealed small tetrachord ... "And above all, it was delayed pretexta two initiatives:


"It is time to show the world one of the great wealth we have!" www.cavaquinhos.pt is the web site that runs the universe of this international instrument and their descendants, through a comprehensive documentary and photographic archive. The main purpose of this site is to show the Portuguese and the world, the universe cavaquinho on the Continent and Madeira - where we will enjoy more than 120 different models of cavaquinho, their builders, their players. But here also meets a community that amounts to 200 million people and encompasses several existing cavaquinhos over the world: the Cavaquinho Continental, the Braguinha Madeira, the Cavaquinho of Cape Verde, Brazil 's Cavaquinho, Ukulele in E. U. A. e Keroncong from Indonesia. The site is rich with musical examples where we can see and hear the best cavaquinho (ukulele) players, learn the techniques, chords, and consulting studies about it.



"To know what we need to know who, we are and what we do." 
This has been the main theme of the Cultural Association and Museum Cavaquinho (accessible in the same digital address and social network Facebook ), whose objective focuses on research, dissemination and preservation of all tangible and intangible heritage related to the cavaquinho. Founded in July 2013, the Association has been working in the National Inventory of Practice Cavaquinho in Portugal: builders, musicians, groups of cavaquinho and local schools. The Association has found good synergy and unequivocal support across the country, expanding its collaboration with academic institutions and various personalities in music and research. Already part of this association some well known names from the public, such as Manuel Morais, Salwa Castelo-Branco, António Zambujo, Rui Vieira Nery, Nancy Vieira, Manuel Lisboa, Jon Luz. 
Several events planned for 2014 (new discs, new partnerships, meetings, workshops, opening schools and concerts) will help cement the documentation and organization of everything that is part of the practice of this essential tool in our collective identity: THE CAVAQUINHO!





Cotonete TV - Entrevista a Júlio Pereira
"Júlio Pereira esteve na Cotonete TV para nos desvendar a musicalidade que encerra o seu novo álbum "Cavaquinhos.PT", lançado em Janeiro de 2014. Nesta conversa ficámos, ainda, a conhecer melhor a Associação Museu do Cavaquinho."



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Diário de Noticias (24/01/2014) - Artes - Cavaquinho trabalhou para ser Património Mundial da UNESCO

Diário de Noticias (18/02/2014) - Cavaquinho: O Som do Minho a Património da Humanidade (page 1)
Includes interview with Júlio Pereira (page 2)

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