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Collection of 6 digipacks - Recordings digitalized from the collection of José Moças 78 rpm records

A collection of six records in a special box covered with corkpaper, in digipack format. These 6 CDS ara individually represented in the bottom of this page in Related Products.


60,00 €

The new collection of Fado Archives is composed by six records in digipack.

Each record contains a booklet of 24 pages (Voices and Sounds of Coimbra is 32 pages) and the text is in five languages (portuguese, french, english, spanish and german).

They are:

AMÁLIA RODRIGUES "the Fado´s Diva" - 1945 a 1952

ARMANDINHO "Geniuos of the portuguese guitar" - 1926 a 1946

MARIA ALICE "The people´s voice" - 1929 a 1931

LISBOA E AS FADISTAS “Lisbon and the Fado Singers”- 1928 a 1936

ERCÍLIA COSTA "The Fado Saint" - 1929 a 1930

VOZES E SONS DE COIMBRA “Voices and Sounds of Coimbra”- 1926 a 1929